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Travel writing is a genre that includes various styles and formats. Writers in this field convey the essence of a destination through narratives, guides, and articles. They often entice readers with vivid descriptions and practical advice.

Guidelines for Contributors:

  • Be original: Content must be unique and not previously published.
  • Engage the reader: Begin with a compelling hook to captivate your audience.
  • Provide value: Share useful information, tips, or insights based on personal experiences.

Writers, Real Journey Tours and Travels invite writers to contribute articles that resonate with our audience’s wanderlust. Contributions should adhere to the guidelines and reflect a strong understanding of the covered destination.

Contributor ExpectationsDescription
AuthenticityArticles should be factual and reflect real experiences.
Style and ToneContent must be clear, neutral, and maintain a professional yet inviting tone.
Audience EngagementPieces should be engaging and tailored to the needs and interests of the reader.

Travel writers are encouraged to immerse themselves in the cultural tapestry of their destinations to relay an authentic perspective to readers. Quality travel writing informs and inspires others to explore and connect with different parts of the world.

Submission Guidelines

In submitting an article to Real Journey Tours and Travels, authors should adhere to the following mandatory guidelines to ensure their content meets the publication standards.

Article Requirements

  • Title: Each submission must include a compelling title accurately reflecting the article’s content.
  • Word Count: The article body should be comprehensive, with a minimum length of 1000 words, but should not exceed 2000 words to maintain reader engagement.
  • Subheadings: Use clear headings and subheadings to structure the content, making it easier to follow.

Content Originality

  • Unique Content: Every article must be original content and not published elsewhere. Real Journey Tours and Travels prioritizes the uniqueness of articles.
  • Plagiarism: Submissions should be free from plagiarism. All content will be checked for originality, and any copied content will lead to rejection.
  • Copyright: Authors are responsible for ensuring their submissions do not infringe on any copyrights.

Formatting and Structure

  • Grammar: All articles must be thoroughly proofread and free of grammatical errors.
  • Headings: Include relevant and descriptive headings to segment the article into clear, digestible sections.
  • Submission Format: Submit your article in a clean, text-formatted document demonstrating professionalism and care.

Writing for Our Audience

When contributing to Real Journey Tours and Travels, writers must remember to craft content for a diverse audience that seeks to be inspired by authentic travel stories and perspectives.

Engaging the Community

Engagement with the community means capturing the readers’ attention through relatable and motivational content. Writers should:

  • Use bold narratives that resonate with the community’s wanderlust.
  • Incorporate enticing visuals, when applicable, to complement their storytelling and inspire the audience.

Understanding the Readers

A deep understanding of the readers is crucial when submitting articles. Contributors should:

  • Align their articles with what the audience seeks – authentic experiences and inspirational content.
  • Present their own perspectives in an approachable manner, ensuring authenticity remains at the forefront of their storytelling.

The Art of Travel Content

This section explores how to create engaging travel content by utilizing visual elements and sharing rich travel experiences and tips that resonate with readers.

Incorporating Visual Elements

When writing for Real Journey Tours and Travels, one should not underestimate the power of visual storytelling. Images and videos play a crucial role in travel content, providing a glimpse into the destinations and adventures that words alone cannot fully capture.

  • Images: High-resolution photographs of landscapes, cityscapes, or cultural events should be included to complement the narrative.
  • Videos: Short clips showcasing movement and environment interaction can deeply engage viewers.

For each article, contributors should aim to provide at least three striking visual elements that align with their story angle and narrative flow.

Sharing Travel Experiences and Tips

Contributors to Real Journey Tours and Travels are encouraged to share their first-hand travel experiences and travel tips that offer both inspiration and utility to fellow travelers.

  • Travel Experiences: Narratives should focus on authentic encounters and personal reflections to transport the reader to your destination.
  • Travel Tips: Practical advice, from packing essentials to navigating local transport, can greatly enhance the piece’s utility.

Each submission should weave personal anecdotes with insightful tips, ensuring content is enjoyable and informative for the audience.

SEO and Digital Promotion

In contributing to Real Journey Tours and Travels, one enhances their article’s visibility through strategic SEO and savvy use of digital channels, thus driving more traffic to their content.

Leveraging Social Media

In the realm of travel content creation, social media is an indispensable tool for amplification. When contributors promote their articles on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they increase their content’s reach and engage with a broader audience. Social media posts should include attractive visuals, concise and compelling descriptions, and relevant hashtags to catch the eye of potential readers.

  • Facebook can be utilized to share content in travel groups or on a page dedicated to travel enthusiasts.
  • Twitter is ideal for short bursts of promotion, engaging with influencers through mentions and hashtags.

Understanding SEO Practices

The backbone of digital content visibility is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Writers should incorporate relevant keywords, crafting informative meta-descriptions, and including internal and external backlinks to increase their articles’ search rankings.

  • Keywords: Utilizing tools to research trending travel-related keywords can guide an article’s language and focus.
  • Backlinks: Linking to reputable travel websites and getting other sites to link back to your article improves the content’s authority and search result standings.

Adhering to these SEO best practices ensures that contributors’ travel stories find a prominent place in search engine results, leading to sustained traffic and engagement.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest posting is a valuable strategy for anyone looking to gain visibility in the travel industry. It allows writers to showcase their expertise and tap into an existing audience on established platforms.

Increased Exposure

Guest posts offer writers significant exposure to the public. When one contributes a guest post to Real Journey Tours and Travels, they are given access to a diverse and engaged audience. This exposure is beneficial for:

  • Reaching a wider audience: The guest post can introduce a writer’s voice to people who might have never encountered their work otherwise.
  • Boosting online presence: Each guest post is a new entry point for readers to find and engage with the writer’s content.

Building Connections

Creating connections within the travel industry is another prime benefit of guest posting. It involves:

  • Networking with peers: Collaborating with travel platforms like Real Journey Tours and Travels for a guest post can lead to fruitful relationships with industry counterparts.
  • Gaining credibility: By contributing quality content to respected platforms, a writer can build their reputation as a knowledgeable source.

Each published guest post typically includes a backlink to the writer’s website, which drives traffic and enhances their own site’s authority in search engines. This strategic approach to building connections and leveraging the platform is a cornerstone of effective digital marketing in the travel sector.

Joining as a Regular Contributor

Travel enthusiasts often seek platforms where they can share their experiences and insights. Real Journey Tours and Travels holds a commendable space for those who desire to become a regular contributors. They invite writers passionate about travel to submit unique content and join as reputable community members.

Prospective contributors should focus on creating engaging, informative travel articles that resonate with a broad audience. Before submitting, they should ensure their work is:

  • Original: Content must be entirely original, offering fresh perspectives on travel.
  • Engaging: Articles should captivate readers with vivid descriptions and practical travel tips.
  • Informative: Readers appreciate comprehensive insights into destinations, including local customs, attractions, and hidden gems.

Submission Process:

  1. Email Your Proposal: Send a brief outline of your proposed article or a full draft.
  2. Editorial Review: The editorial team will assess your submission for quality and relevance.
  3. Publication: Once approved, you’ll contribute regularly and build your profile as a thought leader in travel.

Perks for Regular Contributors:

  • Visibility to an audience with a significant monthly viewership.
  • Opportunity to grow their own blog or website’s readership.
  • Recognition as an influential voice within the travel community.

Writers interested in submitting a guest post or becoming regular contributors can reach out via email with their article proposals. Real Journey Tours and Travels values each contributor’s viewpoint, striving to foster a platform where unique voices create a diverse and engaging tapestry of travel narratives.

About Our Website

Real Journey Tours and Travels invites travel enthusiasts from around the globe to share their experiences, stories, and expertise through compelling guest posts. Their website is designed to showcase rich, informative, and engaging travel content from diverse authors, making it a valued platform for those passionate about exploration and sharing insights with a like-minded community.

Contact and Submission Process

Travel bloggers and guest bloggers interested in contributing to Real Journey Tours and Travels can initiate the submission process by emailing their articles in Google Docs format. The article must adhere to the following requirements to be considered:

  • Related to the travel category
  • Contains 800 to 2500 words

The editorial team will proofread the submitted article, and once approved, it will be posted on the website within 1 to 2 days.

Author Bio and Backstories

Real Journey Tours and Travels Contributors can include a personal author bio with their guest post article. This author bio allows readers to connect with the guest blogger and learn more about their background, experiences, and motivations for writing. Guest bloggers are encouraged to share compelling backstories that provide context and insights into their travel narratives.

Travel Niches and Perspectives

Adventure and Excursions

Travelers yearning for adventure will find an abundance of topics to explore. These range from day trips that plunge into the heart of nature to exhilarating excursions across various terrains. Writers should focus on detailed travel guides, covering everything from things to do to essential safety tips for destinations renowned for their adventurous allure. Lists of must-see places and exciting activities can greatly aid readers looking for their next expedition.

Cultural and Seasonal Travel

Cultural travel allows readers to experience the world’s diversity through the lens of local traditions and practices. Write about unique cultural travel opportunities, highlighting places that hold cultural significance and offering insight into regional festivities or seasonal travel events. It’s crucial to convey the essence of theme travel related to cultural insights, such as food festivals or historical reenactments, which satisfy the wanderlust of those seeking a deeper connection with their destinations.

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