Malaysia Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens: Application Process Simplified

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Traveling from Bangladesh to Malaysia necessitates a clear understanding of the visa application process. For Bangladeshi citizens, obtaining a visa is a mandatory step before they can enjoy Malaysia’s diverse cultures and landscapes. Adults and minors aged 13 to 18 must complete their visa applications and possess valid passports. Younger children, those under 12, they should apply alongside a parent, and providing a birth certificate is a requisite part of the process.

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The convenience of applying for a Malaysian visa from Bangladesh has been streamlined thanks to the introduction of the eVisa system. This online platform enables applicants to handle their visa requests remotely, facilitating a hassle-free approach to securing permission to enter Malaysia. Several types of activities, such as business, tourism, and medical treatment, are catered for through multiple-entry visa options made available since January 2023.

Moreover, Bangladeshi diplomatic or official passport holders may avail of a visa exemption for social visits, which is a result of a bilateral agreement designed to ease the travel requirements between the two nations. All visa applications, notwithstanding the purpose, must be made through authorized agencies, emphasizing the importance of adhering to Malaysia’s stringent visa regulations and conditions. As policies may evolve, travelers are encouraged to stay updated with the most current information to ensure a smooth journey to Malaysia.

Types of Malaysia Visas for Bangladeshi Nationals

For Bangladeshi nationals looking to visit Malaysia, understanding the different types of visas available is crucial. Depending on the nature of the visit—be it tourism, business, studies, or work—the requirements and type of visa will vary.

Tourist Visa

The Tourist Visa primarily caters to those seeking a social visit for a period usually up to 30 days. This is often a Single Entry Visa, which means it’s valid for one-time entry into Malaysia and is non-extendable. Tourist visas are suitable for sightseeing, visiting friends or relatives, or participating in sporting events.

Business Visa

For business-related travels such as attending conferences, business discussions, or contractual negotiations, a Business Visa may be issued. This type of visa often requires an invitation letter from the Malaysian company and proof of business registration. Multiple Entry Visas are available for businesspersons who need to visit frequently.

Student Visa

Those admitted to educational institutions in Malaysia must obtain a Student Visa or Visa With Reference. This visa necessitates an approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department. Candidates should apply well in advance to ensure they can commence their studies on time.

Expatriate Visa

Expatriates relocating to Malaysia due to employment need to apply for an Expatriate Visa. This category requires an employment offer from a Malaysian company and includes Visa With Reference, which facilitates the work permit issue upon arrival.

Other Specialty Visas

Specialized visas exist for individuals coming to Malaysia for training, medical treatment, or accompanying a student or expatriate as dependants. Such visas are typically classified as Visas With Reference, indicating that pre-approval from the Malaysian authorities is mandatory.

Each visa type serves a distinct purpose and has specific application procedures and requirements, so it’s essential for Bangladeshi nationals to obtain the correct one matching their reasons for travel.

Visa Application Process for Bangladeshi Citizens

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Embarking on a visit to Malaysia begins with a meticulous visa application process. Ensuring eligibility and gathering the right documents are crucial steps for Bangladeshi citizens.

Eligibility and Requirements

Citizens of Bangladesh looking to visit Malaysia must first confirm their eligibility for a visa. The essential criterion is a valid Bangladeshi passport with a minimum of six months’ validity. Each applicant must adhere to the visa requirements put forth by the Malaysian government.

Gathering Required Documents

A comprehensive assembly of documents is critical, including:

  • An Original Passport
  • Passport-Sized Photos meeting specified dimensions and background color
  • A completed Visa Application Form
  • Supporting documents such as a Birth Certificate, Bank Statement, and sometimes additional identification or travel documents

Completing the Application Form

The visa application form must be completed with precision. Applicants should fill out the form online, ensuring all entered information is accurate, matching the details in their passport and supporting documents.


Applications are to be submitted through an Authorised Visa Application Agency or directly at the High Commission of Malaysia. Any correspondence regarding the visa process is typically done through the applicant’s provided Email Address.

Payment of Fees

Fees include a Processing Fee and potential additional charges by the chosen application agency. Payments are commonly made online using a Credit Card. Additional Convenience Fees may apply for different payment methods, which vary by transaction amount.

Application Review Period

The processing time for a Malaysian visa can differ. Once reviewed, an Approved eVisa is sent via email to the applicant. The Consular Section of the High Commission has discretionary power over visa issuance.

Citizens of Bangladesh can apply for a Malaysian eVisa in a structured, systematic manner by fulfilling the eligibility criteria, compiling the necessary documents, and following the submission guidelines with due attention to detail regarding payments and processing times.

Electronic Visas (EVisas)

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For Bangladeshi travelers planning a trip to Malaysia, the Electronic Visa (EVisa) offers a streamlined online application process. It eliminates the need for a physical visit to the consulate or embassy, providing a convenient option for securing travel authorization.

EVisa Application Procedure

The application process for a Malaysian EVisa includes three distinct steps:

  1. Submit the EVisa application form: Applicants must accurately complete the online form available through official Malaysian immigration platforms.
  2. Pay the fees online: Payments can be made securely using a valid debit or credit card. Note that a convenience fee might be charged over the base visa fee.
  3. Receive the EVisa: Once approved, the EVisa document is delivered via email and should be printed out to be presented upon arrival in Malaysia.

The system typically processes applications swiftly, thus applicants should expect to receive their approved EVisa within a reasonable timeframe.

Required Documents for EVisa

To apply for the EVisa, Bangladeshi citizens must furnish the following supporting documents:

  • Valid Passport: The passport should have a validity period extending beyond the intended stay in Malaysia, with at least two free pages for stamps.
  • Photocopy of Passport: Copies of the passport bio-data page and used visa pages if applicable.
  • Additional Supporting Documents: These may include proof of accommodation, travel itinerary, return flight ticket, and evidence of sufficient funds.

Applicants should check the latest requirements as they are subject to change based on Malaysian immigration policies.

Advantages of EVisa

The EVisa system has several benefits for Bangladeshi applicants:

  • No physical submission of documents: Everything can be completed online, saving time and resources.
  • Quick processing time: The electronic nature of the process reduces the waiting period compared to traditional visa applications.
  • Convenience: The EVisa provides the ease of applying from anywhere, at any time, as long as there’s internet access.

With this facility, Bangladeshi nationals can apply for various types of visas based on their purpose of visit, including business, tourism, or medical treatment, which are available under the EVisa program.

Supporting Documents and Evidence

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When applying for a Malaysian visa as a Bangladeshi citizen, providing a comprehensive set of documents is crucial to the approval of your application. This section will guide you through the necessary travel documents, financial evidence, and additional support documentation required.

Travel Documents

All applicants must submit a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond their intended stay in Malaysia. The visa application must be completed with attention to detail. It is also essential to provide a copy of a return flight ticket and a travel itinerary outlining your plans within Malaysia. A hotel reservation copy, if available, should also accompany the application to prove accommodation arrangements.

Financial Proof

Evidence of sufficient funds is mandatory to ensure that travelers can support themselves during their stay. This typically takes the form of bank statements or a letter of solvency. These documents should reflect the capability to cover expenses without recourse to public funds or employment within Malaysia.

Additional Support Documents

Depending on the purpose of the visit, applicants may need to present different additional documents. For personal visits, an invitation letter from a sponsor or counterpart in Malaysia may be necessary. Those traveling for business might include a trade license or visiting card. If applicable, a marriage certificate can be required to verify family ties. For those visiting for employment, an employment letter from the hiring company in Malaysia should be provided.

Visa Fees and Charges

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When planning a trip to Malaysia, Bangladeshi travelers need to be aware of various fees associated with obtaining a visa. These include the standard visa fee, a processing fee, and potential convenience charges tied to the payment method.

Standard Visa Fees

The Visa Fee for a Malaysia visa for Bangladeshi passport holders is set at RM 20.00, which is approximately BDT 600. However, travelers should note that there is also a Processing Fee for the visa, costing RM 105.00, approximating to about BDT 2,500. This processing fee is required for the assessment and handling of the visa application.

EVisa Convenience Fees

For travelers opting for an eVisa, certain Convenience Fees apply when the payment is processed online. The fees depend on the payment method used:

  • Credit Card: A fee of 0.8% applies to the transaction amount for payments made using e-Commerce or Mastercard.
  • E-Wallet: Payment through Alipay/WeChatPay/UnionPay incurs a 1.7% fee on the transaction amount.

Additional Service Charges

It’s important for applicants to account for potential Additional Service Charges that may be levied by Authorised Visa Application Agencies. While the specific fees charged by these agents can vary, they are typically in place for the added convenience of professional assistance throughout the visa application process. These fees are in addition to the standard visa and processing fees.

Pre-Travel Considerations

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Before embarking on a journey to Malaysia, Bangladeshi travelers must navigate several pre-travel essentials to ensure a seamless trip.

Confirming Visa Validity

Bangladeshi passport holders should ascertain their visa’s validity period closely aligns with their travel dates. Visas can be applied for online, and travelers must ensure that the visa application is submitted through the authorized channels, with the valid passport being a prerequisite for the application process.

Understanding Visa Conditions

A profound understanding of the visa requirement is vital. For instance, visas for social visit purposes necessitate an invitation letter, if applicable. Minor discrepancies such as overstaying or lack of supporting documents like proof of accommodation can lead to complications upon arrival in Malaysia.

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements

Securing flight tickets and hotel reservations ahead of time is crucial. Evidence of both must be furnished during the visa application to fulfill the Malaysian visa regulations. It is advisable to carry copies of the flight ticket and hotel reservation alongside the passport and visa during the entire duration of the stay in Malaysia.

Post-Arrival Procedures

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Upon arrival in Malaysia, Bangladeshi citizens who have secured a visa must navigate several formalities to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. From clearing immigration to adhering to health protocols, these steps are integral to a seamless entry.

Immigration Clearance

At the Immigration checkpoint, travelers must present their passport and the Social Visit Pass (also known as a Visit Pass), which is issued upon arrival. The Immigration Department of Malaysia oversees this procedure, scrutinizing travel documents and the purpose of the visit.

Local Registration

For extended stays, it may be necessary to register with local authorities or the Malaysian Government. Depending on the nature of their visit, individuals could need to provide additional documentation to substantiate their stay or activities in Malaysia.

Health and Safety Protocols

The Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) may have health and safety guidelines in place that require attention. Travelers should verify if any vaccinations are needed and if there are health-related entry requirements. Medical Services Providers offer guidance on remaining healthy while in the country.

Important EntityRole in Post-Arrival
Immigration Department of MalaysiaMonitors immigration clearance and issues the Social Visit Pass.
Malaysian GovernmentMay necessitate local registration for foreign nationals.
Malaysian Healthcare Travel CouncilProvides updates on health protocols that travelers must follow.
Medical Services ProvidersSupport travelers with medical services and advice in compliance with Malaysian health standards.

Special Considerations for Bangladeshi Applicants

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When Bangladeshi citizens apply for a Malaysian visa, certain special considerations come into play due to established bilateral agreements and specific passport types. It is essential to understand these nuances to ensure a smooth application process.

Diplomatic and Official Passports

Holders of diplomatic or official passports from Bangladesh may be entitled to different visa requirements. Under bilateral agreements, they might receive exemption from visa fees or enjoy streamlined processes. It is imperative to clarify the exact privileges with Malaysian diplomatic missions.

Required Documents for Diplomatic and Official Passports:

  • Completed visa application form
  • Diplomatic or official passport
  • Note Verbale or official letter from respective government departments

Bilateral Agreements and Exemptions

Bangladesh has established bilateral agreements with Malaysia that can affect visa processing. These agreements might provide visa exemptions or reduced visa fees for certain types of travel between the two countries. Applicants should consult with the High Commission of Malaysia in Dhaka for current details on any effective agreements.

Minor Applicants and Dependents

For minors and dependents, the application must include additional documentation such as birth certificates to verify the relationship with the main applicant. If traveling without one or both parents, a consent letter might be required.

Documentation for Minors and Dependents:

  • Birth Certificate: To confirm the age and parentage
  • Marriage Certificate: If applicable, for spouse travel
  • A letter of consent if traveling unaccompanied by one or both parents

In the case of dependents, it’s essential to ascertain whether a separate visa application is necessary or if they can be included in the guardian’s application.

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