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About North Providence Recreation

North Providence, a charming town in the tiny state of Rhode Island, boasts a commendable dedication to community recreation. The population of approximately 33,000 inhabitants values the importance of leisure and fitness, evident in the town’s offerings.

Located on Mineral Spring Avenue, the Recreation Department functions as the nucleus of communal activity, with a Pool & Fitness Center that serves as a cornerstone for aquatic and fitness enthusiasts. This establishment supports the health and wellness of residents within the town and surrounding Providence area.

In Rhode Island, known for its picturesque coastlines and quaint towns, North Providence shines by ensuring recreational activities cater to a myriad of interests and ages. Governor Notte Park, another recreational treasure, offers amenities ranging from tennis courts and picnic spaces to a freshwater beach.

Facilities and Services:

  • Pool & Fitness Center: Indoor 6 lane 25-meter pool, fitness equipment, and classes.
  • Governor Notte Park Facilities: Tennis courts, ball field, children’s swings, paddle boat rentals, and picnic areas.

Contact Information:

  • Recreation Department:
    • Address: 2 Governor Notte Pkwy, North Providence, RI 02904
    • Telephone: (401) 719-1633
    • Fax: (401) 437-6422
  • Pool & Fitness Center:
    • Address: 1810 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904
    • Telephone: (401) 353-7007

Whether one seeks to engage in physical activity, relax by the water, or join community-driven events, North Providence’s Recreation Department endeavours to enrich the town’s quality of life. It stands as a testament to the town’s investment in its people, ensuring that their leisure and fitness needs are not just met but celebrated.

Best Time to Visit

The prime season for enjoying the outdoor pleasures of North Providence Recreation is mid-spring through early fall. May through September offers warm weather that is ideal for experiencing the full array of recreational activities available at places like Governor Notte Park and other facilities within the town.

Annual and Family Events:

North Providence hosts several family-friendly events throughout the year. To catch these engaging community gatherings, visitors should check the local Recreation Department’s schedule. For example, summertime brings events that cater to all ages, offering a clean and vibrant atmosphere.

Ideal Schedule:

Visitors looking for an optimal experience should plan to attend during weekends or public holidays. This is when the town typically schedules recreational programming and when amenities are at their best. It’s also wise to avoid school vacation weeks, as this is when the parks can become quite crowded.

  • Spring: Brings a fresh, clean start and the reopening of outdoor facilities.
  • Summer: Warmer months host a variety of events, with extended hours for maximum enjoyment.
  • Fall: Offers cooler, comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds.

To ensure the best experience, it’s advisable to check the weather and event schedules in advance. By doing so, visitors can align their trip with specific events and the most pleasant climate conditions. Regular maintenance ensures that all facilities are clean and welcoming, contributing to a premier recreation environment for all visitors.

Nearby Attractions

North Providence and its vicinity are a hub of recreational and cultural hotspots offering a diverse range of activities for all ages. From serene parks to active sports facilities, the community boasts amenities that promote wellness and entertainment.


North Providence offers a plethora of recreational activities. The North Providence Pool and Fitness Center provides opportunities for swimming and fitness classes, including popular options like aerobics and water aerobics. The town’s commitment to recreation is also evidenced through various youth leagues, fostering sportsmanship and teamwork among the younger residents.

Athletic Facilities

The area is well-equipped with athletic facilities to encourage active lifestyles. Notable is the comprehensive Meehan Overlook at Notte Park, which includes tennis courts and a ball field. These venues serve as bustling centers for sports and exercise, catering to both casual enjoyment and competitive play.

Parks and Nature

Governor Notte Park, located at 2 Governor Notte Pkwy, is a favorite local destination, offering a beachfront for summer relaxation and several playgrounds. Nature enthusiasts can visit Lincoln Woods State Park for a more diverse natural experience, featuring trails and spaces for picnics and contemplation amidst lush greenery.

Cultural Attractions

The cultural landscape in and around North Providence is rich. The North Providence Sports Hall of Fame reflects the community’s athletic spirit and history. Various events and programs at local parks and recreation centers often celebrate North Providence’s heritage and engage residents in cultural activities.


The administration of recreational services in North Providence operates with precision and attention to detail. Information on programs and services can be accessed along Smith Street, the municipal center’s location. The governance of these facilities ensures that they are well-maintained and suited to serve the community’s interests.


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