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Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier, nestled in the heart of the Tongass National Forest, captivates with its awe-inspiring 13-mile expanse of glistening blue ice. This natural wonder offers more than just a visual spectacle; it beckons adventurers with its intricate network of hiking trails and the mesmerizing beauty of Nugget Falls, a majestic waterfall fed by the glacier’s meltwater. Visitors can delve into the glacier’s history and significance at the on-site visitor center, enhancing their understanding of this remarkable environment. The accessibility of Mendenhall Glacier, coupled with its serene natural surroundings, creates an enchanting experience, making it a must-see destination for those seeking an encounter with the raw, breathtaking beauty of Alaska’s wilderness.


Places to Stay Near Mendenhall Glacier (Áakʼw Tʼáak Sítʼ)"... of a generation to go see it, do it now!"

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    Hey fellow travel enthusiasts! Have any of you explored the captivating Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska? The 13-mile expanse of glistening blue ice, intricate hiking trails, and the mesmerizing Nugget Falls sound like a nature lover’s paradise. I’m curious to hear about your experiences and any tips for making the most of this must-see destination!

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