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Thailand Visa Information for Bangladeshi

REQUIREMENTS (THAI VISA)For Nationals of Bangladesh who are travelling to Thailand.

1. Passport or travel document with validity not less than 190 daysfrom the time of application.

2.One set of Passport photocopy.

3.One set Visa Application form completely filled in with original signature as in Passport.

4.Two recent PassportssizedcolorPhotograph(notexceeding 6 monthsold) of the applicant. (Frontalview without dark glasses & head gear except for religious purpose. (3.5X4.5 C.M.)

5.Visa request letter from the office if employed or travel letter from the Educational Institute or student ID card if student.

6.Trade License (Notarized Original English translation and Photocopy of the original) if applicant is first time traveler and proprietorand if company is covering travel expenses.

7.Updatedand original Bank Statement ofthe last 6 months and Latest Bank Solvency Certificate with bank seal.(For all categories: bank closing balanceforindividualmust be minimum TK 60,000/-and for family 120,000/-;Only for6 months Multiple entryTourist visa: bank closing balance for each individual must be minimum Tk. 500,000/-).

8.Ticket booking proof and hotel bookingproofin Thailand.

9.In caseof,Medical Treatment, a copy of appointment letter from the hospital in Thailand and a letter fromthedoctor is required.

10.Govt. officialswould be required to furnish G.O.copy in full English.

11.Additional documents for Non Immigrant Visa*:i)Original letter from applicant’s company stating the purpose to visit Thailandii)Applicant’s position, length of employment and salary. If the applicant is self-employed, he or she must provide documentation of his or her business undertaking such as business registration and details of business operation;iii)Business license of the applicant’s company;iv)Visa request letter from the applicant & concerned authority;v)Original document showing correspondence with trading partners in Thailand or letter of invitation from company in Thailand;vi)Credible copies of the following corporate documents of the companies in Thailand (a certified copy by Royal Thai government agencies concerned or a certified and signed copy by company’s board of directors, whose identification provided, and affixed the sealof the company are preferred);vii)Business License (Por. Kor. 0401);viii)Certification of Company and Partnership Registration issued by Ministry of Commerce of Thailand (issued within 6 months to 1 year);ix) Corporate Income Tax (CIT 50 or Por. Ngor. Dor .50) and/or Value Added Tax Return (Por.Por. 30) and/or Value-added Tax Registration (Por. Por. 20) of the latest year;x) Balance sheet of the latest year.xi) A letter of recommendation from previous employer or business associations of which the applicant is a member.

12.Visa processing time 5-15working days.13.Visa fee (non refundable) : 4400/-(Single entry Tourist visa),16000(6 months Multiple entry Tourist visa),7300(Single entry Non immigrant visa), 16000(1 year Multiple entry Non immigrant visa).

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