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About Governor Notte Park

Located in the heart of North Providence, Rhode Island, Governor Notte Park is a recreational haven with historical significance. Named after John A. Notte, Jr., a former governor and North Providence resident, the park is situated on the banks of the once industrious Wenscott Reservoir.

Recreational Facilities:

  • Freshwater beach
  • Paddle boat rentals
  • Tennis courts
  • Ball field
  • Children’s swings
  • Picnic sites

Parking is plentiful, accommodating visitors who flock to the park for its diverse activities and scenic views. Governor Notte Park’s landscaping adds to its charm, with well-maintained green spaces that serve as a backdrop for leisure and community events.

Governor Notte Park also boasts the Overlook at Meehan, a venue with rustic charm and modern amenities, offering panoramic vistas of the reservoir. The park balances natural beauty with the convenience of modern facilities, ensuring a pleasant experience for all visitors.


  • Address: 2 Governor Notte Parkway, North Providence, RI
  • Contact: (401) 719-1633

Whether it’s a summer day spent at the sandy beach or a stroll along the water, Governor Notte Park embodies the spirit of community and recreation in North Providence.

Best Time to Visit

Spring and summer are widely regarded as the best seasons to visit Governor Notte Park. During these months, visitors enjoy warm weather conducive to exploring the full range of the park’s recreational facilities.

In spring, the park blossoms into life with verdant greenery and floral displays that make for a picturesque setting—ideal for walks and picnics. While the temperatures are milder, it’s a comfortable time for those who prefer outdoor activities without the intensity of summer heat.

As summer arrives, Governor Notte Park transforms into a bustling hub of activity. This is the time when the park’s sandy beach becomes a highlight, and families frequent the area to bask in the sun or indulge in a refreshing swim in the Wenscott Reservoir. With lifeguards on duty, the swimming areas are safe for all ages, ensuring a worry-free environment for swimming enthusiasts.

  • Key Park Features in Summer:
    • Sandy beach for lounging and sunbathing
    • Lifeguard-supervised swimming areas
    • Variety of outdoor activities suitable for the whole family

Visitors should be aware that while the park offers myriad activities throughout the year, the presence of lifeguards and the opening of the swimming facilities align with these warmer months, which underscores the period as the prime time for a visit. Those intending to swim should plan their trip accordingly to take full advantage of the amenities during this peak season.

Nearby Attractions

While Governor Notte Park in North Providence already offers ample green space and several recreation facilities within its grounds, those looking to expand their experience beyond the park will find the area rich with a variety of nearby attractions. From outdoor exploration to cultural deep-dives, there’s plenty to see and do.


Adjacent to the tranquil setting of Governor Notte Park, other parks in the area provide a refreshing escape into nature. Visitors can snap photos of scenic views and engage in several family-friendly activities. Local favorites include:

  • Nature & Parks: Explore trails perfect for hiking or walking with family or friends.
  • Playgrounds & Ball Fields: Encounter numerous parks with facilities for children to play and sports enthusiasts to enjoy a friendly game.

Outdoor Activities

For the outdoor adventurers, the area around Governor Notte Park offers:

  • Hiking Trails: Set off on trails for all skill levels, where reviews often highlight ease of access and natural beauty.
  • Tennis Courts: Swing a racket at the public tennis courts, servicing both casual plays and competitive matches.


Exclusive shopping experiences await at:

  • Factory Outlets & Specialty Shops: Find deals at nearby factory outlets or pick up unique gifts from specialty & gift shops.
  • Local Markets: Discover local crafts and foods at the neighborhood markets along Mineral Spring Avenue.


Nightlife and leisure activities are diverse with options such as:

  • Bars & Breweries: Indulge in local flavors at various breweries and bars, possibly checking Yelp for top-rated spots.
  • Game & Entertainment Centers: Families and groups can spend an evening full of fun at the local game and entertainment centres.

Cultural Spots

The cultural tapestry of the area comprises:

  • Art Galleries: View contemporary artwork and attend exhibitions at the nearby art galleries.
  • Historical Churches & Cathedrals: Visit imposing churches and cathedrals that hold historical significance and architectural splendor.


When traveling to and between these attractions, convenient transport options are available:

  • Taxis & Shuttles: Avail of taxis & shuttles for convenient point-to-point travel.
  • Public Transportation: Utilize the area’s public transportation network to efficiently navigate attractions.

Exploring the vicinity around Governor Notte Park reveals an assortment of activities and sites that cater to a wide array of interests. Whether you’re after serene nature trails or bustling marketplaces, suitable options are within easy reach.


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