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Glen Rock Duck Pond

The Glen Rock Duck Pond, nestled within a serene natural setting, offers a tranquil escape for visitors seeking a peaceful retreat. This picturesque park features a charming duck pond, providing a delightful opportunity to observe the graceful waterfowl in their natural habitat. The park’s walking paths wind through lush greenery, inviting leisurely strolls and moments of contemplation. With benches strategically placed along the paths, it’s an ideal spot for quiet reflection or a leisurely picnic. The park also boasts trout-stocked fishing waters, adding an extra dimension to the visitor experience. Whether seeking a serene nature walk, birdwatching, or a peaceful fishing excursion, the Glen Rock Duck Pond presents a delightful opportunity to connect with nature in a restful and idyllic setting.


Places to Stay Near Glen Rock Duck Pond"However, watch your step because the birds do what birds do."

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