Sajek Tour Package 3 Nights and 2 Days: Your Ultimate Getaway Guide


Sajek Valley, known for its panoramic views and lofty mountains cloaked in dense fog, has become a magnetic point of interest for travelers seeking an escape into nature. Located in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, Sajek Valley offers a serene experience complemented by the rich cultural tapestry of the indigenous communities living there. The 3 Nights and 2 Days tour package to Sajek Valley is tailored for those aiming to immerse in the tranquility of the hills while exploring the local sights.

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The package typically includes a comprehensive itinerary, covering transport from Dhaka to Khagrachari and then onto Sajek Valley itself, often using reserved local vehicles such as ‘Chander Gari’ for the hilly terrains. Accommodation is arranged in resorts or cottages that offer stunning views of the lush landscape and cloud-hugged peaks. Visitors are taken to key attractions like Konglak Para, Ruilui Para, Richang Waterfall, and the iconic Sajek Helipad, which provides a vantage point for breathtaking scenic vistas.

Planning Your Trip

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When planning a 3-night, 2-day tour to Sajek Valley, consider the best time to visit, booking procedures, package prices, and what your tour package will include to ensure a well-organized and enjoyable trip.

Best Time to Visit

The optimal period for a Sajek Valley tour is from October to April. During these months, the weather is favorable, with less rainfall and clear skies, allowing for stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

How to Book Your Package

Booking a tour package can typically be done online through travel agency websites or by contacting local tour operators directly. Ensure you book with a reputable company that offers secure payment options and has good customer support.

Understanding Package Prices

Tour package prices can vary based on several factors including transportation (AC or non-AC bus), accommodation type, and the inclusion of any additional activities or services. Prices usually range from 5,500 BDT for non-AC bus packages to 6,500 BDT for AC bus options.

Transportation TypePackage Price per Person
Non-AC Bus5,500 BDT
AC Bus6,500 BDT

Deposits may be required to secure a booking, and some operators may offer payment plans or EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments) for more expensive packages.

What’s Included in Your Tour Package

A standard Sajek Valley tour package typically includes transportation, accommodations, and a guided tour of key sights such as Konglak Para, Ruilui Para, and Richang Waterfall. Additional services may be available for an extra fee. It is essential to review the inclusions carefully to understand what you are paying for.

Travel Essentials

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For travelers planning a short trip to Sajek Valley, understanding the transport options, accommodations, and weather preparations are crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Transport Options to Sajek

Accessing Sajek Valley from Dhaka typically involves a two-part journey: first reaching Khagrachhari by bus, then transferring to a local vehicle for the ascent into the valley.

  • From Dhaka to Khagrachhari:
    • AC Bus: Tickets can cost around 6500 BDT per person.
    • Non-AC Bus: A more economical option available for approximately 5500 BDT per person.
  • Khagrachhari to Sajek:
    • Jeep/CNG: Local transport, also known as ‘chander gari,’ facilitates transport from Khagrachhari to Sajek.
    • Costs and availability may vary; booking in advance is recommended.

Accommodation Details

Staying in Sajek Valley offers various options, including resorts and cottages, which often provide basic to comfortable amenities suitable for different budgets.

  • Sajek Resort Options:
    • Resort RungRang and Runmoy Resort: Popular choices among visitors.
    • Rooms vary from standard to premium couple rooms, impacting the price.
    • Resort RungRang: Known for its scenic views.
    • Runmoy Resort: Offers good facilities for families and couples.

Preparing for the Weather

Sajek Valley, known for its fluctuating weather conditions, requires travelers to pack accordingly to ensure comfort throughout their journey.

  • Clothing: Lightweight clothing for the day and warm layers for the cool evenings.
  • Rain Gear: Umbrellas or raincoats are advisable due to unexpected showers.
  • Footwear: Durable shoes for trekking or exploring the hilly terrain.

Packing smart can greatly enhance the experience of the short but memorable 3 nights and 2 days Sajek tour package.

Sajek Valley Itinerary

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The Sajek Valley itinerary ensures visitors experience the beauty and adventure of the region in a compact 3-night, 2-day package, covering key attractions such as Khagrachari, the hanging bridge, and Alutila Cave.

Day 1: Arrival and Exploration

Visitors typically begin their journey with a nighttime departure from Dhaka, arriving early in Khagrachari town. After breakfast in Khagrachari, travelers proceed to Sajek Valley. The route requires an army escort for safety and traverses captivating landscapes. Upon reaching Sajek Valley, tourists settle in and have lunch.

Key activities for Day 1:

  • Breakfast at Khagrachari town
  • Journey to Sajek Valley with army escort
  • Check-in and lunch
  • Afternoon exploration of local sights like the hanging bridge and Helipad for breathtaking views.

Day 2: Adventure and Sightseeing

The second day is filled with explorations and sightseeing. Adventures include visits to prominent landmarks and natural wonders.


  • Visit Alutila Cave for an exciting caving experience
  • Explore nearby ethnic villages and interact with locals


  • Sightseeing at Megh Machang for panoramic valley views
  • Leisure time for photography and relaxation at the Helipad

Visitors spend the night at their chosen accommodation, absorbing the tranquility of the valley.

Local Attractions

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Sajek Valley’s tour packages offer an extensive exploration of the region’s natural beauty and rich cultural tapestry. Visitors can look forward to an array of sightseeing options that span from cascading waterfalls to cultural encounters with indigenous communities.

Natural and Historical Sites

Risang Waterfall: Known for its breathtaking cascade, Risang Waterfall is a must-visit for those seeking the tranquility of nature. The falls are not just a sight to behold but also offer a refreshing experience for those who might wish to take a dip in its cool waters.

Tareng: An oasis of biodiversity, Tareng is an elevated area with verdant landscapes. Hiking through Tareng allows travelers to immerse themselves in Sajek’s lush, green vistas.

Konglak Para and Ruilui Para: These hilltop communities provide a vantage point for panoramic views of the valley. One can witness the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset that transform the sky into a canvas of vibrant hues.

Stone Garden: A geological marvel, the Stone Garden showcases an impressive array of rock formations. Visitors can walk among the stones, some of which date back to the Old Stone Age, offering a tangible connection to the past.

Cultural and Lifestyle Exploration

Tribal Lifestyle: The indigenous groups of Sajek Valley offer a glimpse into their unique way of life. Observing their daily routines, from weaving to farming, can offer insightful perspectives on their harmonious existence with nature.

Travelers to Sajek Valley can anticipate an enriching journey that not only includes the embrace of untouched natural wonders but also provides an authentic encounter with the area’s long-standing cultural heritage.

Food and Dining

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During a 3-night and 2-day Sajek Valley tour, travelers have ample opportunities to indulge in both local ethnic cuisine and a variety of dining experiences at their chosen resorts.

Local Cuisine Options

Sajek Valley offers a diverse range of local culinary delights that are sure to intrigue visitors. Bamboo chicken, known locally as Bansh Pora Murgi, is a unique dish that’s a must-try for meat lovers — chicken marinated and cooked inside bamboo stalks. Visitors can savor this alongside staples like rice and khichuri, a comforting rice and lentil dish. Breakfast options often include paratha, a flaky, buttery flatbread that pairs well with curries and tea. A traditional Bengali menu might also feature fresh river fish and vegetable curries, providing a broad taste of the region’s flavors.

Dining Experience at the Resort

Resorts in Sajek Valley typically cater to guests with an array of dining options. They often offer a fusion of local and international dishes. Many feature special BBQ dinners with a variety of grilled meats, seafood, and vegetables, allowing diners to enjoy their meals al fresco against the backdrop of the valley’s lush landscapes. The dining settings range from casual to more intimate settings, with an emphasis on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to give guests a genuine and memorable dining experience.

Additional Activities

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In the Sajek Valley 3 Nights and 2 Days Tour Package, travelers have ample opportunities to indulge in a variety of additional activities that enhance the travel experience. These range from evening entertainment to exploring more scenic spots in and around Sajek Valley.

Evening Entertainment

After a day of explorations, one can unwind with evening entertainment options that are designed to complement the serene atmosphere of Sajek Valley. Guests often enjoy a bbq party under the starlit sky, accompanied by soft drinks to quench their thirst. The ambiance is often accentuated with fire torches that add a warm glow to the nocturnal festivities.

Additional Tour Options

Sajek Valley is surrounded by attractions that can enrich the travel itinerary. Noteworthy additional tour options include:

  • Hanging Bridge: Visitors can take a stroll on the local hanging bridge, where they experience panoramic views of the valley and feel the thrill of suspension above the treetops.
  • Meghpunji: An excursion to Meghpunji offers a chance to witness the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset amidst the clouds, a truly magical experience for nature lovers.
  • Horticulture Park: For those interested in flora, a visit to the horticulture park provides insight into the region’s botanical diversity, showcasing a range of indigenous plant species.

Each of these activities connects tourists more deeply with the natural and cultural fabric of Sajek Valley.

Tips and Suggestions

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When planning a Sajek Valley tour package that spans 3 nights and 2 days, travelers should prioritize their safety and comfort, as well as effectively manage their personal expenses. These elements are critical in ensuring a fulfilling experience amidst the clouds and serene landscapes of Sajek Valley.

Safety and Comfort

Travelers should arrange local transport with reputable providers to ensure safety. Army check posts are present en route for additional security due to Sajek’s proximity to the borders. For comfort during the journey from Dhaka city to Sajek Valley, options for both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses are available. Jeep travel is popular and can be bumpy; thus, it’s advisable to confirm with tour operators that vehicles are well-maintained.

  • Local Transport: Chander Gari (local jeeps) for traveling from Khagrachari to Sajek
  • Safety Measures: Check for army escort availability, often required for the last part of the journey

Managing Personal Expenses

Personal expenses on a Sajek Valley tour can vary. Budgeting for local transport, food, and unexpected costs is wise. While some packages may include meals and transport, it’s prudent to have a contingency fund. Besides, travelers should carry cash as ATMs might be scarce beyond major towns.

  • Expenses to consider:
    • Transport (Local & Return Journey)
    • Accommodation
    • Food & Beverages
    • Souvenirs and personal shopping

By having a clear understanding of the transport options and the security procedures, as well as a solid plan for managing costs, visitors can expect an enjoyable and hassle-free trip to Sajek Valley.

Leaving Sajek Valley

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When the journey in Sajek Valley concludes, visitors must coordinate their departure from the serenity of the mountains back to the bustling activity of Dhaka. The return involves a straightforward check-out from accommodations and a travel plan that accounts for the distances and transport options.

Check-Out Process

Accommodation check-out in Sajek Valley typically follows the standard time, often by 12:00 PM. Guests should confirm their bills, return room keys, and ensure personal belongings are packed. Documentation or receipts for stay should be kept handy as they may be required during the check-out. Lastly, communicating with local transportation should be arranged in advance to ensure timely departure.

Returning to Dhaka

The journey from Sajek Valley to Dhaka can be made by various modes of transport, with bus options being the most common.

  • AC Bus: Comfortable travel with amenities (recommended for long journeys)
  • Non-AC Bus: A more budget-friendly option with basic facilities
  • Local Transport: Local options such as ‘Chander Gari’ to reach bus terminals

Visitors should plan for approximately a 7 to 8-hour transit from Sajek to Dhaka, which includes travel to the bus terminal and the subsequent bus journey. For convenience, tickets should be booked in advance, considering both Dhaka to Sajek and the return leg to ensure a seat on the preferred bus service.

Contact and Support

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For those planning the Sajek Valley 3 Nights and 2 Days tour, dedicated support channels are provided by the tour organizer to ensure a smooth and well-informed travel experience.

Tour Organizer Contact Information

Customer Service Hotline:

  • For immediate assistance: +880XXXXXXX (Available from 9 AM to 8 PM)

Email Support:

Physical Office Address:

  • Example Tour Organizer, 123 Road Name, City, Country

Online Presence and Resources


Social Media:

Support Resources:

  • FAQ Section: Easily accessible on the tour organizer’s website, offering answers to common questions.
  • Live Chat Function: Available on the website for real-time assistance during business hours.


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When should one book the Sajek Valley Tour Package?
Bookings should be confirmed at least 2 days before the journey begins. It’s advisable to deposit 50% of the total amount for confirmation.

How are the bus seats and resort rooms allocated?
Allocation is based on a first booked, first-served basis.

What is the best time to visit Sajek Valley?
The optimal time for visiting Sajek Valley is from July to November, during which the clouds tend to be thick and low, enhancing the scenic experience.

What does the Sajek Valley Tour Package typically include?

  • Duration: 3 Nights and 2 Days
  • Locations Covered: Khagrachori, Sajek Valley, and nearby attractions
  • Tour Highlights:
    • Scenic Sajek Valley
    • Local ethnic communities
    • Alutila Ghuha (cave)
    • Richang Waterfall
  • Inclusions:
    • Bus transfers
    • Accommodation in an eco cottage
    • All meals
    • Sightseeing activities

What is the mode of transport within Sajek Valley?
Jeep services known as ‘Chander Gari’ are commonly used for local transport within the valley.

Customer Testimonials

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Customers who experienced the Sajek Valley 3 Nights and 2 Days Tour Package have shared their feedback on the services provided. Their insights reflect the quality and satisfaction level regarding the tour.

  • Jasmine T. noted the efficiency of the transportation arrangements saying, “The bus tickets and reserved Chander gari were timely and made travel hassle-free.”
  • David L. was impressed with the lodging, stating, “The accommodation at Sampari Resort provided comfort and a splendid view of the valley.”
  • Maya P. appreciated the itinerary, mentioning, “Visiting places like Alutila Cave and The Hanging Bridge enriched our experience.”
  • Alex Q. highlighted the customer support, “The tour guides were knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the trip.”

The feedback is summarized as follows:

Jasmine T.Efficient transportation and smooth travel arrangements.
David L.Comfortable accommodations with great valley views.
Maya P.The itinerary included diverse attractions offering adventure and serenity.
Alex Q.Knowledgeable guides and satisfactory customer support.

This customer input indicates a positive response to the Sajek Valley Tour Package’s ability to provide an enjoyable and well-organized travel experience.

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