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Secret Path of Lemon Grove

The Secret Path of Lemon Grove offers a captivating journey through a collection of hidden murals, each telling a unique story with vibrant shades of purple, yellow, and blue. Tucked away on Mariposa Ln, this off-the-beaten-path gem invites visitors to uncover the stunning tapestry of art hidden behind a small strip of shops. As you wander through this enchanting alleyway, you’ll be immersed in the creativity and cultural richness of Lemon Grove. From whimsical scenes to thought-provoking imagery, the murals offer a delightful visual feast for art enthusiasts and curious explorers alike. This hidden treasure promises a one-of-a-kind experience, inviting guests to discover the beauty and charm that make Lemon Grove a must-visit destination.


Places to Stay Near Secret Path of Lemon Grove"This is a great place to watch bird, butterfly and bee activity!"

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