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Schenley Park

Schenley Park, nestled within Pittsburgh, PA, is a sprawling urban oasis spanning 456 acres, offering a diverse tapestry of experiences for visitors. Beyond the traditional allure of verdant trails and a picturesque golf course, the park boasts a unique disc golf course, adding a touch of adventure to the setting. It’s also home to a sportsplex, botanical gardens, a cozy cafe, and a well-equipped visitors center, catering to a wide range of interests. The park’s multifaceted offerings, from recreational activities to serene natural beauty, make it an ideal destination for both outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil retreat within the city. Whether you’re craving an invigorating hike, a leisurely stroll, or a round of disc golf, Schenley Park promises a memorable and enriching experience.


Places to Stay Near Schenley Park"Schenley park has a lot of things to do."

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