Parc départemental de la Haute-Ile Travel Forum Reviews

Parc départemental de la Haute-Ile

Nestled along the tranquil riverside, Parc départemental de la Haute-Ile in Neuilly-sur-Marne, France, offers a serene escape into nature. This unique wetlands park boasts a delightful playground, inviting picnic areas, and meandering gravel paths perfect for leisurely strolls. What sets it apart are the birdwatching shelters that provide a sanctuary for observing local avian species in their natural habitat. The park’s picturesque setting and diverse recreational offerings make it an ideal destination for families and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s a peaceful day of birdwatching, a leisurely picnic, or a refreshing walk, Parc départemental de la Haute-Ile promises a harmonious blend of natural beauty and outdoor enjoyment.


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