Escultura 0,7% Solidaridad, autores Goicoechea / Rivero

The Escultura 0,7% Solidaridad, autores Goicoechea / Rivero in Barañáin, Navarre, Spain, is a captivating testament to artistic expression and social consciousness. This remarkable sculpture embodies the fusion of creativity and altruism, offering visitors a thought-provoking experience. The intricate details and symbolism woven into the sculpture invite contemplation, while its setting in the heart of Navarre adds to its allure. As visitors explore this unique attraction, they are immersed in the artists’ vision and the spirit of solidarity, creating a profound connection to the local community and its values. The Escultura 0,7% Solidaridad stands as a meaningful symbol of art’s power to inspire reflection and unity.


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