Destination: Central African Republic

Notre-Dame of Bangui Cathedral Travel Forum Reviews

Notre-Dame of Bangui Cathedral

The Notre-Dame of Bangui Cathedral, nestled in the heart of Bangui, Central African Republic, is a captivating embodiment of French colonial architecture. Constructed in the early 1900s, this grand red brick church stands as a testament to the fusion of local and French design influences. The cathedral's imposing facade and elegant interior, adorned with intricate details and striking stained glas... »

Bangassou Travel Forum Reviews


Nestled in the southeastern region of the Central African Republic, Bangassou exudes an unassuming charm that captivates visitors with its serene ambiance and unspoiled natural beauty. The city, home to approximately 24,447 inhabitants and serving as the capital of the Mbomou prefecture, boasts a picturesque setting along the north bank of the Mbomou River. Bangassou's allure lies in its uncharted... »

Bangassou Airport (FEFG) Travel Forum Reviews

Bangassou Airport (FEFG)

Bangassou Airport (FEFG) in the Central African Republic exudes an air of tranquility and adventure. Nestled in the heart of the Mbomou prefecture, this small airport serves as a gateway to the enchanting city of Bangassou, offering a unique blend of wildlife and cultural experiences. The airport's proximity to the Mbomou River and its ferry link to the Democratic Republic of Congo adds an element... »