Destination: Bolivia

Laguna Verde Travel Forum Reviews

Laguna Verde

Embark on a journey to Laguna Verde, an enchanting natural marvel nestled in the heart of the Bolivian Andes. The lagoon's mesmerizing emerald-green waters, a result of its mineral-rich composition, form a captivating contrast against the backdrop of towering volcanoes and majestic mountains. Situated in the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve, this high-altitude mineral lake offers a serene and captivating se... »

Pre-Columbian Precious Metals Museum Travel Forum Reviews

Pre-Columbian Precious Metals Museum

The Pre-Columbian Precious Metals Museum in La Paz, Bolivia, invites you to embark on a captivating journey into the region's rich history. Housed in the former residence of Bolivian revolutionist Apolinar Jaén, this museum showcases an impressive collection of pre-Columbian precious metals, including gold, silver, and copper artifacts. Visitors are treated to a rare opportunity to marvel at intri... »

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